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At Nibi we are an innovative, environmental company set out to provide eco-friendly options for clean drinking water, waste water treatments, and renewable energy in North America.

Grow fruits and vegetables year round with Nibi’s Agro pod.

A breakthrough in water treatment

Nibi is an off-grid water purifying system for use in remote communities.

Nibi (meaning “water”) is a hybrid off-grid containerized water treatment plant. It’s the first system of its kind in Canada to combine renewable energy requirements with water treatment and sanitization. We aim to improve Indigenous health and access to sustainable, clean drinking water through innovation.

The Nibi Water Purification pod has a range of configurations and a plug-and-play commissioning process that makes it the #1 solution for communities with unsafe drinking water.

When combined with the BioKube, the system can treat both water-out and water-in. Septic fields are a thing of the past. The BioKube is environmentally friendly and eliminates pathogens.

Avoid the complexity and construction of building reverse osmosis plants. Our pods are modular, safe, effective and can be shipped anywhere potable water is needed. They arrive fully assembled in standard 10-foot, 20-foot or 40-foot containers. Then, with a brief training session, commissioned workers are ready to monitor the Nibi systems and produce high-quality drinking water within days of delivery.


Nibi Enviro Tech is a Canadian company that designs containerized equipment through collaborative partnerships. With over 100 communities with water advisories in Canada, we have set out to provide them with a clean drinking water solution right at the source.

We design for mobility, durability, and protection. You’ll see those values brought to life in our reliable mobile water treatment systems, and they also help reduce long-term costs. We have separated our containerized equipment from the competition by offering quick delivery with greater safety and convenience.


  • Modular, safe and effective
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Option to tap into
    infrastructure anytime
  • Draws water from the source
  • Yearly maintenance is
    provided through Nibi
  • Features a clean water
    pump house for the public
  • Can treat water-out and water-in
  • Offers remote monitoring
  • Potential to create jobs in the community
  • Produces up to 28,000 litres (7,000 gallons) of potable water per day per unit

Access to clean drinking water is vital to a healthy community.

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